Women's silver earrings with red Color drop zircon
Code: SP-SS68E/03

Women's silver earrings with red Color drop zircon

Code: SP-SS68E/03

Short Description

Zirconia earrings
Stud earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 9 mm × 11 mm

Material: 925/1000 silver, zircons
Finish: rhodium (black, glossy and white gold)
Mount: pouceta
Surface: glossy
Size: 11x9 mm
Weight: 3,5 g


Weight: 35 gr
25 EUR
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  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
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    Europe 4-7 EUR.
    UK, USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Женские серебряные серьги с каплей красного циркона - pic 1Женские серебряные серьги с каплей красного циркона - pic 2
Full Description 

The art of charming

You are already accustomed to success - at any event you are always in the spotlight. The admiring glances of the fans keep a close eye on your movements and admire the grace. It's amazing how you manage to create an ideal and harmonious look every time. However, there is one small secret here - the correctly chosen jewelry. And your favorite is women's silver earrings with red zircon.

Precious metal is perfectly combined with any outfit due to its elegant form and elegant gloss. A red hyacinth makes you irresistible in the eyes of others and emphasizes the depth of the inner world. Czech jewelers have surpassed themselves by creating this masterpiece. But most importantly, the hyacinth has strong magical properties.

Elegant drop stone - red zirconium

Red zircon, also called hyacinth, is very much appreciated for its magnificent play of light and deep shining. No wonder, it is called the younger brother of the diamond. The stone has a strong energy, as was known to Indian esotericists. It is believed that a woman with such jewelry get an aura of sensuality and sexuality, looks like an ideal in the eyes of men and is protected from unrequited love. In addition, zircon is an excellent talisman from fraudsters, the evil eye and insomnia, and is also able to give its owner a strong intuition and insightful mind. Contemplation of zircon can help in achieving emotional balance and inner harmony.

Moreover, the stone has a beneficial effect on the body, stimulating the work of the liver, pituitary and thyroid gland. It is believed that it helps to normalize the appetite, contributes to the loss of excess weight, smoothes wrinkles and brings the skin to an ideal state. Red zircon (hyacinth) is excellent for those born under the auspices of Jupiter or the signs of the Zodiac Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus.

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Our store makes the most advantageous offer for the purchase of women's silver earrings with red zircons. Now become an ideal much easier:

• Just a few days. Just a few days separate you from placing the order and getting this earrings due to a prompt delivery service;

• Delight of others. Elegant design and excellent workmanship ensure that you will be the center of attention at any event;

• Your companion for a long time. Even in years, these earrings will look great thanks to a special coating of rhodium, which protects against scratches;

• The magic of stone. Red zircon helps to acquire the aura of femininity and elegance, and its energy properties have a positive effect on the body and mood.

Learn how to enchant men.

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