Women's silver earrings with garnets in the shape of a wing
Code: CS-2054

Women's silver earrings with garnets in the shape of a wing

Code: CS-2054

Short Description

Garnet earrings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 14 mm × 44 mm

Direction: for women
stone color : red
stone type : garnet

Weight: 12.1 gr
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79 EUR
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Full Description 

Women's silver earrings with garnets in the shape of a wing 

Silver earrings with garnets have an english lock. The material is silver 925/1000. These earrings are rhodium plated. The stones are firmly attached to the crab, so they cannot fall out.
Silver garnet earrings, each one decorated with  small stones. A scattering of stones favorably plays with bright red lights both in daylight and in artificial light. In the radiance of the rays in the stones, you can unmistakably recognize pyrope - a truly Czech type of garnet, which drives more than one generation of fashionistas and their admirers. The luster of these small pebbles is similar to the tongues of flame, and depending on the angle of incidence of the rays, it can respond with various modulations. Earrings emphasize the fiery and versatile character of the owner, without distracting attention from her natural beauty and her enthusiasm. The base of the earrings is cast from 925 silver and coated with rhodium alloy. The coating improves the durability of the product and gives the effect of shine "cold silver"

Stones are arranged using the technique of granular embarkation. Strong and skilfully crafted paws of the edging prevent the loss of individual pebbles, which makes the product desirable and customary for everyday wear. Pomegranate is considered a semi-precious stone.

The size of the stones is about 2 mm and the selected shape of the earrings resembles the wing.


Bright and incredibly beautiful decorationand  that can be a gift to a lover, daughter, mother. The stone also brings happiness, good luck and prosperity in business, therefore in the Czech Republic grenades are presented as a gift even to statesmen. The latter does not exclude earrings from the list of possible gifts to a colleague.

Earrings can be worn in a set with other garnet ornaments - a ring, a pendant with stones similar in size or other ornaments like a warm “garnet” gamut, and transparent (diamonds) or contrasting ones.

The opportunity to make an order

By purchasing women's silver earrings in the shape of a wing with garnets in our store, you get a number of additional benefits:

• Prompt delivery. Within a few days after ordering the product will be with you, and a reasonable price will definitely please;

• Benefit for health. The magical and energetic properties of the stone will help to accumulate energy, to achieve inner harmony and self-confidence;

• Durability. Over the years, the earrings will retain an excellent appearance due to a special protective rhodium coating;

• Versatility. Graceful earrings are ideally combined with both luxurious evening gowns and casual wear.

Become the owner of an elegant jewelry with strong energy.

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