Women's Silver Chain - String

Code: CS-14090

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 Women's Silver Chain - String

Code: 14090
Type: Women's Silver Chain

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Silver string on the neck, thickness 1 mm, length 45 cm. The string is turned on and off by sliding it out of the uneven side of the smooth section (bottom of the picture). The jewel is made of 925/1000 silver and is rhododised. Approximate weight 2.05 g.

Women's Silver String

The silver chain-string will replace annoying classic chains and at the same time remain the basic jewelry. It will not remain without attention, if you combine it correctly. Here are some tips for using and combining.


How to care

This chain is made of pure 925 sterling silver. For it to remain in its original form for many years, you need to follow a few rules. Here are some of them:

  • Humidity.

Water over time spoils any jewelry. Take them off before going to the beach, in the shower and any other places where you can wet the earrings. If you notice moisture, take off it with a dry cloth.

  • Cleansing.

After you have take off the earrings, wipe them with a special soft cloth. If this is not done, dirt and sebum accumulate on the jewelry, which forms a film. Because of this, the earrings grow dull.

  • Chemistry.

Chemical products that should not be in contact with earrings include household cleaners (never clean the earrings with such products), cosmetics (creams, hair styling products, perfume, etc.) and others.

  • Storage.

To avoid scratches and scuffs on jewelry, store them in special places. Arrange a separate box or fold each piece of jewelry into soft pouches so that they do not touch each other or scratch.


How to wear a round silver chain

If you prefer to wear a minimum of jewelry, this chain is perfect for you. Here's how to combine it with other jewelry.

  • Classic look. If you have any monophonic black dress, your universal fatal look is ready. Add this chain to it and you will look perfect. Feel free to combine them with any strict clothing, but do not overdo it with jewelry: add only silver.

  • Office Style. If you wear this chain to work, make sure that the look is not too bright. You can add only a couple of other small jewelry like thin silver rings or a bracelet. Do not wear massive jewelry.

  • Evening look. Round chain perfectly emphasize the evening look. Wear it with a monophonic dress. It looks best with classic black, white or red. To the evening dress you can safely add massive rings or a bracelet - the chain will complement it due to its small size.


Remember these simple rules and wear jewelry as you like. Following the recommendations, do not forget about your style and personality. Our jewelry is created to please beautiful and self-confident women!



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