Women silver earrings with zircons and nano sultanite ( chameleon, imitation)

Code: SP-SS162E

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Zirconia earrings
English lock
With stones
Dimensions: 20 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm

SS162E - earrings AG 925/1000

Code: SS162E

Material: silver 925/1000, zircon, nano sultanite (chameleon stone, imitation) ​
Finish: Rhodium
SIze: 29x9 mm
Weight: 6.4 g


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Full Description 

Jewelry with a special stone with nano-hydrothermal sultanite, diaspora (synthetic stone chameleon, imitation of sultanite).

Sultanite stone is rare and very expensive, but many beautiful ladies have a desire to have this stone, so they learned to synthesize sultanite. Synthetic or hydrothermal sultanite in its chemical and optical properties is not inferior to natural stone. The inner world of hydrothermal sultanite is a complete identification of natural sultanite, only the world of this stone was created with the participation of man.

The main charm and mystery of the mineral lies in its ability to change color. Yes, it is the same chameleon as amethyst or alexandrite, only has an even more diverse range of shades. Whoever has the sultanite stone among the jewelry can observe a stunning metamorphosis. On a bad day or with a dull lamp, it looks intensely green, like juicy spring grass after a refreshing rain. When the light is brighter, the mineral takes on new shades - from green-brown to amber-yellow, honey. Violet, pink, raspberry, olive and cognac, greenish gray - this is the color spectrum of this miracle.

 Allow yourself to be different.

  Silver earrings are a popular solution for all fashionistas. Such decoration is not only fashionable, but also at an affordable price. The tenderness, sophistication and elegance of silver is perfectly combined with the sophistication of natural gemstones. Many women believe that silver earrings are the perfect choice for a lady for every day. Silver earrings are very well combined with strict office suits, feminine and romantic dresses and even ordinary jeans and knitted pullovers.

Earrings are with zircon - a natural stone. Zircon is a cheaper copy of a diamond. Zircon looks like crystal and attracts with its versatility. Calm golden brown tones are perfectly combined with casual wear, but if you choose them in the evening,  these earrings will be an amazing addition to your evening dress.

 Also, these earrings have rhodium finish. What is rhodium? Rhoding silver helps jewelry shine more brighter, and the appearance does not change after years of wearing. Rhodium does not oxidize in contact with water. It has almost a major role in the wearing of silverware. Rhodium retains the appearance of the product and protects against various types of damage, chemical or mechanical. Jewelry with rhodium does not require particularly complex care for them. Proper care of products will help avoid darkening and abrasion of the rhodium layer.

These  feminine earrings will make your look more attractive. The product made of 925 silver. Their size is: 20 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm. Weight will also please you, because it is - 6,4gr. Earrings decorated with zircons, as well as silver finished with the stage of rhodium.

 Girls who understand sophistication at an affordable price will rush to  buy these earrings, because they can wear them  at work, for a walk, and also for a romantic encounter.



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