Silver White Freshwater Pearl Chain Earrings
Code: CS-8975

Silver White Freshwater Pearl Chain Earrings

Code: CS-8975

Short Description

Pearl earrings
Dangling Earring
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 8 mm × 100 mm

jewelry earrings
Destination: for women
color of stone (pearls): white
type of stone (pearls): natural

32 USD
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    Europe 4-7 EUR.
    UK, USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 1Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 2Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 3Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 4Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 5Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 6Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 7Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 8Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 9Серебряные серьги-цепочки с белым жемчугом - pic 10
Full Description 

Chain pearl earrings - elegance and grace from Czech craftsmen

Many friends over the years admire your ability to dress perfectly and create the perfect look. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are at - a business dinner, a noisy party or a fashion show, the attention of others is always riveted to you. The secret of such success is in simple but harmonious details that complement the look.

For example, at your place there is a whole collection of stylish jewelry suitable for every occasion. There are no elaborate or too catchy products that surprisingly expensive and tasteless. Only real pieces of jewelry. And even among them there is a wonderful favorite - these are silver chain earrings with pearls, the work of professional Czech craftsmen.

Beauty, health and inner confidence with pearl earrings from Zlatkaeu online store

The craftsmen from the Czech Republic worked on the creation of the jewelry masterpiece, and it turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and of high quality. The noble brilliance of precious metal fascinates and captivates at a glance. It seems that you can endlessly enjoy these stylish earrings. The finest work and precious metal – 925 sterling silver look great, and thanks to the thin rhodium-plated coating that protects from scratches and mechanical damage, even after many years they will look great.

In addition, silver favorably affects the owner, giving him excellent protection from evil thoughts, evil eye or libel. Moreover, silver helps to cleanse the body, effectively removing toxins from it, smoothing the skin and giving it a second youth.

And the elegant decoration of the earrings is natural white pearls with a diameter of 8 millimeters. This stone is great for Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius. Empress Cleopatra loved it very much and believed that this mineral is able to give eternal youth. In part, this is true, because pearls have a beneficial effect on the skin and the work of internal organs. Moreover, the stone has strong magical properties. From ancient times people  believed that it symbolizes wealth and happiness, therefore it is able to bring the owner a real success in life. It also symbolizes purity and integrity, helping to avoid troubles, thieves and crooks on the path of life.

Purchase on your terms

There are many online stores, but Zlatka is the most preferred one. This is because the company care about customers and offer the best conditions.

• Pleasant surprise. Exactly so, because store prices are noticeably lower than other competitors;

• Product is on its way. From the moment of ordering to the moment the jewelry appears on the doorstep of the house only a few days will pass. An operational delivery service organizes transportation to any country;

• Quality you are proud of. Even after many years, the decoration will look perfect thanks to the high quality of work and a special coating of rhodium.

Get an important detail to help create the perfect look.

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