Silver Swarovski Leaf Shaped Earrings
Code: CS-2973

Silver Swarovski Leaf Shaped Earrings

Code: CS-2973

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski earrings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 16 mm × 45 mm

Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): green
decoration type: on the clasp
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

Weight: 7.5 gr
26 EUR
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Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 1Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 2Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 3Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 4Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 5Серебряные серьги в форме листика с кристаллом Сваровски - pic 6
Full Description 

Leaflet Earrings - Original Jewelry at Zlatkaeu eshop

Silver green earrings with Swarovski crystal in the shape of a leaf, Swarovski crystal size - 26 x 16 mm. The total length of the earring is 45 mm. Earrings are trimmed with pure rhodium. The light, airy design of the crystals will lift the mood of the owner of these earrings and give it a new sound to its image and efforts. After all, its main concept is positive floristics, actions and way of life aimed at protecting the planet, its wealth and natural resources. Floristic and eco-motifs that are now playing with new colors in all fashion collections have not passed away or jewelry designed based on Swarowski crystals. The crystals, whose composition is kept secret are like natural stone chrysolite and play depending on the lighting with different colors. In the light of morning rays, it is a light apple-green, shimmering color. The midday sun will give them olive and yellow shades. Evening and artificial lighting will match this decoration with the color of the French Chartreuse liqueur. Therefore, these earrings can be quite versatile: you can safely go to a business meeting or study, go for a walk or a party, sinking in the eyes carefully looking at you and your jewelry, with a glass of French digestif or a cocktail or just spend time at home, revising hundredth favorite "Avatar".

Earrings with Swarovski crystals - a worthy decoration

The earrings are made of 925 silver and covered with a thin layer of rhodium. The latter protects the noble metal, chemically reactive to certain atmospheric impurities, from darkening. Unlike ordinary silver, the surface of such jewelry is smoother, hypoallergenic, leaves no marks on the skin at the points of contact, is not susceptible to darkening. The jewel keeps the effect of perfect brilliance for a long time and does not need additional polishing. The leaf-crystals are not flat, they are given a volume in the form of vein rays, ideally smooth geometric edges from the center of the leaf to the tips of the leaf plate. Perfect grinding and polishing of the crystal by the best Czech craftsmen makes its surface smooth: you should not be afraid that such damage will leave scratches or marks. The crystals are unbreakable: it is very difficult to damage them unintentionally. Earring length 45 mm. They will favorably lengthen the face, emphasize its oval, soften the cheekbones and help demonstrate the beauty of the neck with a high hairstyle or haircut. It is possible to combine this decoration with light spring dresses, floral or berry motifs, architectural prints and fashionable delicate motifs. From jewelry a great addition will be a pendant with a similar leaf-shaped pendant.


Product Features

• Small leaves in the form of pendants;
• Light and delicate color;
• Swarovski crystals;
• Floral design;
• Silver with rhodium plating.

Product Care

 The crystals practically do not grow dull with the passage of time, they are resistant to weathering and the sun's rays. However, when cleaning should avoid the use of household chemicals, especially alkaline. It is enough to wash them with liquid soap or shampoo with an acidic pH, then wipe with a soft cloth. English lock earrings requires careful handling.

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