Silver Ring with square clear white Swarovski Crystal
Code: CS-920

Silver Ring with square clear white Swarovski Crystal

Code: CS-920
24 ft
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Short Description

Crystal Swarovski rings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 10 mm

Jewelry: ring
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): other colors
stone type (crystal): Swarovski


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Full Description 

Silver ring with Swarovski crystals, crystal satin color. Crystal size - 10 mm. These coated gems are pure rhodium that does not cause allergies. We also offer earrings or pendant to the ring.

Silver ring 925 with Swarovski crystal AB SAT size of 10 mm. The metal surface is plated with rhodium. Companions for the ring can be earrings and pendant with similar crystals.

There are many different technologies at Swarovski’s home to give crystals a  brilliance, color and quality. One of them is the process of vacuum deposition of special materials on the crystal surface, creating translucent effects. And if the effect of "Northern Lights" (Aurore Boreale) has been voiced and widely known since the time of the first collaboration of Dior and Swarovski, the rest remain unknown even to the final buyer, nevertheless, slipping various magical notes of light in front of their astonished eyes.

In total, the official catalog includes 28 “surface” effects and the Swarovski crystal used in this ornament implements the SAT (Satin) shine, the technological name is Crystal AB Satin (001 ABSAT).

Departing from the usual rules of classifying technologies, drawing forms of cuts, etc. The official website of Swarovski Professional presented basic information on all crystals in combination with images, diagrams and descriptions. The main motive that inspired them was the realization that the designer’s responsibility does not end with the delivery of the purchased crystals to the final consumer. Putting on a ring and choosing companions for it, you can subtly use your knowledge of the crystal palette, skillfully selecting earrings and pendant in a set and using Swarovski attachment beads with a similar, absolutely identical surface shine effect in your expensive evening dress (note that glue crystals with similar color is not produced). This ring will be combined with any white AB-crystals and create a contrast to gray, black (hematite, HEM) crystals.

Ring features:

• Sterling silver 925 with rhodium plating;

• Original Swarovski crystal;

• Insert color Crystal AB Satin (001 ABSAT);

• Crystal diameter fancy cut 10 mm.

Carrying and care of the product

Please note that the size of the ring is not subject to change due to the fact that irreversible effects may occur for the rhodium plating. Periodically carefully inspect the paws of attachment of a large crystal to avoid losing it. Remove the ring when performing routine work in order to avoid moisture on the surface of the crystal. The use of mechanical adhesives, solvents, household chemicals to improve or clean the insert is unacceptable.

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