Strieborný prsteň s vltavinom moldavitom a zirkónom
Code: CS-4851

Strieborný prsteň s vltavinom moldavitom a zirkónom

Code: CS-4851
36 ft
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Short Description

Moldavite rings
Dimensions: 7 mm × 0 mm × 5 mm

Jewelry: ring
Direction: for women
stone color (vltavin): green
stone type (vltavin): natural


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Full Description 

Silver ring with natural moldavit. Stone size 7 x 5 mm. The material is silver 925/1000.

The modern European design refined in classic jewelry takes on a new meaning in this ring. It is possible to amaze a girl bestowed with a ring not only by the type of product, its delicate elegance, but also by an unusual legend about a stone inset. The history of the green mystical Vltavin is closely connected with the cosmic history of the Earth.

Approximately 15 million years ago, a fragment of a disintegrated comet reached the atmosphere and, having exploded on the territory of a river with the modern name Vltava, scattered into millions of stones no larger than 3 cm in size. One of these stones, 7x5 mm in size, was mined in the Czech deposits from the best art and jewelry workshops and ennobled this piece of jewelry.

Each of the stones is unique: although it is transparent, with a pronounced glass brilliance, they may contain small bubbles that appeared there when sintering aluminum oxide and silica during the combustion of a comet at a height of 25 kilometers above the surface. Even perfectly polished for a ring, this stone is not smooth, but rough, which creates additional play and soft reflections when it comes in from daylight or artificial light. The beauty of moldavit and its mysticism is emphasized by transparent stones - smaller zircons, three on each side, located in the central part of the ring.

The ring is cast of 925 silver and coated with a thin layer of electroplated rhodium. The layer is resistant to chemical attack and improves the wear resistance and durability of the product.

Ring with vltavin ideal as a gift for your lover for a celebration, a friend, mother, sister. Can serve as a gift with a "mystical" overtones. Little "comet" for your second half. In addition, this acquisition can be a good investment: the reserves of Vltavin (Moldavit) in the Czech Republic, which is the only country with its deposits, are exhaustible. And this little “fragment of the sky” will certainly meet all your expectations. On the other hand, the ring is simple, unassuming, it will successfully fit into any “summer” or “spring” image, illuminating with the reflections and green highlights of the woman’s hand, emphasizing their tenderness and beauty.

Ring features:


Unusual insert from natural vltavin;

Sterling Silver;

Electroplated rhodium coating;

Ring with a "fragment" of the sky;

Mystical properties of the stone.

Ring and stone care

The ring should not be self-polished: its surface is covered with a thin layer of rhodium, an independent attempt to mechanically clean it can lead to scratches and thinning of this layer. The stone should be washed in running water, without impurities of aggressive household chemicals (especially alkaline solutions, including soda, highly acidic solutions) or salts.

In case of heavy contamination, use a soap solution from mild soap (pH <7) or neutral shampoo. It is not necessary to exert mechanical efforts to the stone or to try to polish it independently - the rough surface inherent in some specimens, remaining even after polishing, is natural and unique for this stone, gives a special charm.


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