Silver ring comet with natural moldavite
Code: jw-AGV3116

Silver ring comet with natural moldavite

Code: jw-AGV3116

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Moldavite rings
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Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 1Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 2Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 3Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 4Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 5Серебряное кольцо комета с натуральным молдавитом - pic 6
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    Moldavite - a gift from space


A sophisticated silver ring with natural Czech moldavite is a real gift from space. Vltavin, as it is called in the Czech Republic, has a completely unique origin. Its appearance on Earth is associated with the fall of a comet, which did not burn up in the atmosphere and collided with the earth's surface. Scientists believe that moldavite is nothing more than fragments of the core of this celestial body. The silver ring is made in the shape of a comet, which underlines the unique history of the mineral. Round moldavite is in the center and serves as the main decoration of the ring. Product weight is 2 grams. The silver is plated with rhodium, which protects it from darkening and oxidation. The ring can be worn by people with sensitive skin or those prone to allergies, as rhodium is a hypoallergenic metal.


How to distinguish an original from a fake


Moldavite stocks are limited and they are rapidly decreasing every year. The high demand for the mineral has given rise to many fakes in the jewelry market. Vltavin is also called the "bottle stone" because of its similarity to bottle glass. Fraudsters often offer glass instead of moldavite. Pay attention to some points in order to purchase an original stone.

• Natural moldavite has a deep rich green color. There are brown and brown moldavites, but they are not so highly prized.

• Country of origin of the stone - Czech Republic. Only there are deposits of stone.

• Vtavin has a non-uniform structure, it is impossible to make it perfectly smooth.

• Jewelers value the uniqueness of each stone very much, therefore they practically do not subject it to processing.

• Moldavite is translucent, has blotches of bubbles and scratches. This is the main feature of a natural mineral.


Silver jewelry care


• Do not allow products to come into contact with household chemicals and detergents.

• Take off jewelry before taking a bath, sauna or gym.

• Store silver in a dry velvet bag.

• Shoot before bed or when you get home.

• Rinse in warm water and buff with a flannel cloth.

• For stubborn dirt, use a rhodium silver cleaner.


Shipping and payment


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• We work on a prepaid basis and pay on receipt.

• Delivery cost from 2 to 9 euros.

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