Silver pendant with Swarovski crystal light peach color
Code: CS-3589

Silver pendant with Swarovski crystal light peach color

Code: CS-3589

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski pendants
Dimensions: 24 mm × 10 mm × 10 mm

Jewelry: Pendant
Destination: for women
color of stone (pearls): yellow
kind of stone (pearls): Swarovski

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Full Description 

Silver pendant with Swarovski crystals. The color of the crystal is light peach. The size of a crystal is 10х10 mm. The total length of the pendant is 24 mm. The approximate weight of the pendant is 2.18 g.

Peach silver pendant with Swarovski crystal

Peach silver pendant with Swarovski crystal will decorate any look. You can wear it every day with a silver thin chain; this will be an elegant addition to your everyday outfit. Or choose another option…


How to wear


Pendant is a beautiful jewelry for which you can come up with dozens of combinations. Here are some inspiration ideas:

  • Minimum. Wear a silver pendant with a thin chain daily to add a zest to your casual look. You can add a pair of rings or a thin bracelet.

  • Office. Jewelry is perfect for working days because it is not boring and it is not too vulgar. Delicate peach color can be combined with office style.

  • Evening. Heavy evening jewelry are gone. Choose neat pendants for evening dresses, add a couple of jewelry and shine at the party!


Material and size


The pendant is made of pure silver and complemented with Swarovski crystal. A peach-colored crystal with a size of 10x10 mm looks elegant and not too vulgar. The weight of the crystal is 2.18 grams. The parameters of the whole pendant are 24x10x10 mm, and its weight is 22 grams.


How to care for pendant


All jewelry need care. In addition to regular proper cleaning, you need to remember a few care rules. Swarovski Crystal Silver Pendant will last you longer if:


  • you will keep the pendant separately from other jewelry or in a special soft bag to avoid scratches;

  • take off the jewelry when you take a shower or visit the gym so that it does not get wet;

  • avoid contact of the pendant with cosmetics (deodorants, perfumes, hair styling products, etc.) and household products; their composition may spoil the appearance of the jewelry.


All these rules apply to any silver jewelry but there are also rules for storing Swarovski crystals:

  • avoid any storage methods that allow scuffing on stones;

  • do not allow the stones to hit or fall - they can break;

  • take off the pendant before bedtime - it is undesirable to sleep in it;

  • do not expose the crystals to high temperatures: before drying your hair, take off the pendant, do not store it near the batteries, and also don’t wear it on the beach;

  • wipe with Swarovski microfiber cloth, do not rub hard cleaners;

  • take off before swimming in the sea; sea water can change the color of the crystals.


Precious metals and high-quality materials also need care. Do not forget about the care rules so that a silver pendant with a Swarovski crystal of peach color will delight you for many years.


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