Silver pendant with natural garnet

Code: CS-9956

Short Description

Garnet pendants
Dimensions: 0 mm × 16 mm × 22 mm

Direction: for women
stone color (garnet): red
stone type (pomegranate): natural

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Full Description 

Silver pendant is decorated with natural garnets. Pendant size - 22 mm, width - 16 mm. The approximate weight of the pendant is 2.70 g. The material is 925/1000 silver.

The number of stones in this pendant (17) seems to hint at a celebration, to which this gift can be timed - a young girl on her seventeenth birthday or Birthday - any woman who is always 17! In the Czech Republic, it is customary to give garnets even to statesmen, seeking to get their favor, so this gift is appropriate to present to his colleague or business partner-woman. The basis of the pendant is made of natural 925 silver. Product weight with inserts - 2.7 g. High-quality ligature alloy guarantees the product strength and durability. On the reverse side of the pendant there is an engraved marking that emphasizes the naturalness of the insert-stones: small natural garnets from the fields of the Czech Middle Earth. Rhodium plating removes the standard effect of blackening of silver under the influence of the atmosphere. The perfect combination of cold "white silver" and fiery Bohemian garnets. The appearance of the product is a round dance of small stones around a central, larger, garnet - a symbol of the harmony, the spring sun and mental balance. The small size and unpretentiousness of the jewelry will allow modern women to embody the modern trend “I don’t wear less than three colors and feel free to shine!” - the product can be combined with other pendants and chains, stylish Czech jewelry. On the other hand, the nobility of the product allows him not to look "lonely" when the pendant is dressed as the only decoration for the open dress (for the evening) or for the open topic (for everyday wear). The garnet is referred to in the Bible as “living fire,” and can be worn with religious Christian jewelry. In addition, it is a talisman of travelers, warriors and rulers.

Product Features:

17 natural garnets in the product;

Sterling Silver;

The small size of pyropes

Perfect classic design;

Hypoallergenic rhodium plating.

The pendant will look good on both light and dark skin. The pendant can be hung on a thin chain with a different type of weaving - anchor, "Garibaldi", "Aurora", "Figaro" or "Snake". A chain of complex weaving or a contrast cord will make it look heavier; when using the “solo” pendant, they should be avoided.

Product Care

To clean the product, use an alcohol solution. Do not use household chemicals, alkali or acid. Protect products from micro damage. In case of visual problems with fastening stones or a clasp after long daily wear, contact a jewelry workshop


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