Silver heart-shaped earrings with vltavin, moldavite
Code: CS-NK1362M

Silver heart-shaped earrings with vltavin, moldavite

Code: CS-NK1362M

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Moldavite earrings
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Silver heart-shaped earrings with vltavin, moldavite

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Серебряные серьги в форме сердца с молдавитом, влтавином - pic 1Серебряные серьги в форме сердца с молдавитом, влтавином - pic 2Серебряные серьги в форме сердца с молдавитом, влтавином - pic 3Серебряные серьги в форме сердца с молдавитом, влтавином - pic 4
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Sterling silver leverback earrings with natural moldavite green tektite

   Leverback earrings with meteorite stone made of sterling silver with Rhodium coating. This special finish protect the jewelry from scratches and darkening.
Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a meteorite hitting the earth, so it is the only gemstone that is said to come from outer space. Genuine Vltavin has gas bubbles trapped inside of the stone.
Moldavite is such a rare and beautiul gift from a meteorite. The color is an olive green and there is nothing else on earth like it. This marvelous stone is from the Czech Republic.

  Silver earrings with genuine moldavite will appeal to any girl: both very young and older. They can become a perfect gift, for a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a university graduation, or a gift for yourself. You can say with confidence that there are comet fragments on your ears and you will be right. An incredibly beautiful shade of stone is transparent olive with a splash of bubbles, it will enchant you and you will not be able to part with it.
Earrings can be worn with casual clothes, as well as with a strict office look. They will be perfectly combined with jeans and a T-shirt, but with a cocktail dress will only emphasize your merits. On our site you can always pick up a set of jewelry from the same series: earrings, pendant, ring, bracelet. All jewelry sets are subject to a constant favorable discount price. And the jewelry from the set can be worn, either all together or separately.
Leverback earrings are ideal to keep dangly earrings in place without you having to worry about fiddly butterfly


Conquer the heart and win the attention of others with a silver pendant with Moldavite

Achieving the perfect balance can be difficult. But, thanks to the little jewelry assistants, your look will become harmonious. Moreover, it will emphasize character and resonate with your inner world. Because this silver pendant with Vltavin stones has a lot of excellent qualities.

First of all, it is an exquisite and high-quality decoration by the work of real Czech masters. Graceful shapes and edges capture the enthusiastic looks of others. And do not be afraid that this can lead to evil eye or damage - these jewelry masterpieces are made of silver. Noble metal serves as an excellent amulet from evil thoughts and wishes, and most importantly - helps the owner to find a clean mind and improve health. After all, silver ions contribute to the removal of toxins from the body.

Also interesting is the Vltavin, chosen as a decoration. This mineral is mined only in southern Bohemia, near the Moldau River. The secret of uniqueness is simple - the stone, for the most part, consists of melted meteorite glass that fell the Earth along with the fallen asteroid.

This feature made him very valuable in terms of esotericism. It is believed that Vltavin has strong cosmic energy. Even a simple touch on Moldavite can relieve a headache, defeat a migraine, and have a beneficial effect on vision. Moreover, it is believed that with prolonged wearing, the owner is able to gain wisdom and even acquire the gift of clairvoyance. The mineral also helps the owner to find inner harmony and calm in stressful situations.

Vltavin is no less interesting from the point of view of astrology. But different signs perceive the mineral in different ways:

•        Sagittarius, Crayfish, Virgo, Gemini. This is a great decoration for every day, which acts as a wonderful talisman for these signs.

•        Aries, Capricorn, Taurus. There are no restrictions either. Vltavin helps to curb these emotions, to become more reasonable, calm, and learn how to cope with stress.

•        Pisces, Scorpions, Aquarius, Libra. These zodiac signs have strong internal energy. They are able to “suppress” the mineral and “draw” forces from it. Therefore, it is recommended to wear jewelry with Moldavite on holidays and special occasions.

•        Lions. The wearing can affect your ability to control people around you. Therefore, it must be worn with great care - flattery and vanity are bad helpers.

Elegant silver pendant with Vltavin is an excellent accessory that emphasizes your refined taste.

How to care of faceted moldavite earrings

Our jewelry does not require special cleaning products. The main thing is not to use chemicals and not to use abrasives. For cleaning, you can use a soap solution and wipe the jewelry dry with a soft cloth.

Store preferably in special bags or in a jewelry box.


Buy moldavite earrings at the best price and quality

If you are still thinking about purchasing silver earrings with natural stone Moldavite, then our Zlatka store is the best place:

* The best prices! We work with Czech suppliers directly, so we have a wide range of products, as well as low prices;

* High quality! All our jewelry is made of the highest quality silver with a special protective coating - Rhodium. We have quality certificates for all products;

* Worldwide Shipping! We have a fast and secure delivery service worldwide. Shipping cost will pleasantly surprise you;

* Promotions and discounts! Discounts for our regular customers. For all jewelry sets, discounts from 20%.

Choose our beautiful earrings with natural tektite vltavin at a very attractive price. A gift that is truly worthy of you.

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