Silver Earrings with square clear Swarovski Crystal
Code: CS-913

Silver Earrings with square clear Swarovski Crystal

Code: CS-913

Short Description

Crystal Swarovski earrings
Dimensions: 0 mm × 10 mm × 10 mm

Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): other colors
Decoration Type: Screw
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

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Серебряные серьги с квадратным прозрачным Кристаллом Сваровски - pic 1Серебряные серьги с квадратным прозрачным Кристаллом Сваровски - pic 2Серебряные серьги с квадратным прозрачным Кристаллом Сваровски - pic 3
Full Description 

Crystal Swarowskil 10 mm, silver earrings, jewelry, screw

Silver stud earrings with Swarovski crystal inserts 10x10 mm with screw clip.

Earrings are made of silver of the highest standard (925) and covered with a thin layer of rhodium. One of the newest trends: the platinum group metal ennobles the product in general, allowing you to wear earrings in combination with products from both silver and white gold or platinum. In addition, the coating increases wear resistance and protects the base material from blackening and other chemical processes that affect the appearance of silver products. 

The shape and brilliance of the crystals is a slight departure from the classics; these studs will not seem boring even in the image of a “mini” or abstract-geometric style chosen for an avant-garde party or visiting an exhibition of impressionists. In addition, in them you can well emphasize your elegant age and refined taste. Nothing extra than the shine of your eyes and the small sparkles in the earlobes of your ears.

The stone-cutting strip of the Swarovski fashion house is still unattainable for some jewelery shops, including those working with precious stones. The exact technology of the entire production process for the manufacture of these crystals is unknown to anyone except the owners of the “crystal” factory and individual divisions, who develop from year to year new types of compounds, coatings and types of restrictions. One of them, designed by Swarovski Crystallized Elements, is embodied in the elegant inserts of the earrings offered. It takes into account all the optical properties of the material and plays with various colors, embodying the “Northern Lights” effect, which is so desirable for women of fashion, with azure notes. A distinctive feature of this form is its subtle difference from the usual round cut used to process precious, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

All compounds of the faces are found at the same point, the crystals are uniform, absolutely identical in size, have an incomparable shine without stains and scratches and are free from any flaws. Color variations within one pair of earrings do not exist: the crystals are absolutely identical. Inside there are no bubbles or other inclusions, grinding of crystals is ideal. The companion of these earrings can be a pendant with a crystal of similar cut and color, offered in our store.

Transparent Swarovski Earrings from Zlatlaeu Online Store

 • The incomparable brilliance of Swarovski crystals with azure brilliance (Swarowski Light Azore, 361);
 • Sterling Silver;
 • Unusual crystal cut;
 • Screw clamp stud.

Product Care

 Avoid mechanical adhesives or materials that can scratch the inserts. Do not force the clamp. Use an alcohol solution for cleaning, in case of severe contamination, clean with a soap solution with pH <7 and wipe with a velvety cloth.

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