Set of silver jewelry with yellow Swarovski pearls 2
Code: 20000001

Set of silver jewelry with yellow Swarovski pearls 2

Code: 20000001

Short Description

Jewelry sets

The set includes: Swarovski Pearl Silver Earrings, Swarovski Pearl Silver Necklace, Women's Silver Ring with Pearl

Earrings size: 0 mm × 8 mm × 15 mm

Necklace size: 45 mm × 4 mm × 0 mm

Destination: for women
color of stone (pearls): yellow
kind of stone (pearls): Swarovski

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44 EUR
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Full Description 

Delight, style and charm at your hands

You know, with age, the feeling of childish delight go away. It seems that everything has already been experienced and can not surprise anything, cannot bring truly delightful emotions, bewitching and intriguing. So now you are looking at a collection of jewelry and you understand that there are no products that won your soul. It seems that nothing can make you sparkle with happiness.

But this was until the moment when the Czech masters got down to business. They created a set of silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals and pearls, endearing at first sight. An exquisite combination of precious metal, natural pearls and crystals with a magnificent play of light creates an incredible picture, turning any image into a model of style. Just a few elegant touches, and you will be the focus of attention at any event, and the enthusiastic looks of people are simply guaranteed. However, this is only the beginning, because an elegant ring, charming earrings and a stylish necklace possess amazing properties.

Secrets kept by a set of jewelry

Silver has amazing magical properties. According to legend, it is able to protect a person from evil spirits, protect him from the evil eye and evil libel. Moreover, such jewelry is beloved by fortunetellers and soothsayers, because they can give the owner a strong intuition and the gift of providence. And silver ions perfectly remove toxins from the body, normalize the work of internal organs and helps strengthen the general physical condition.

A stylish eye-catching detail is Swarovski crystals. For one and a half hundred years, Swarovski’s house has become a real brand that has won the favor of many famous people, celebrities and even royalty. Gorgeous crystals with meticulously cut facets attract an ideal play of light, and their contemplation helps calm the nerves and improve the emotional state. In addition, this is an original product - no one has yet learned how to fake jewelry and repeat its design. Together with this set you receive purity and elegance.

Moreover, purity is squared, because pearls selected as a gem symbolize purity, prosperity and perfection. It is known that its prolonged wearing promotes peace and brings peace of mind. In addition, pearls are able to protect from unrequited love and protects against thieves and scammers, simultaneously luring luck.

 The stone has a beneficial effect on the body, stimulating the work of the kidneys, liver, digestive system and normalizing pressure. Since ancient times, it has been used to treat eye diseases and improve hearing. According to astrology, pearls are ideal for Pisces, Crayfish, Aquarius and are well suited to Taurus, Libra or Sagittarius.

A few steps to make the right choice.

We know that this set of silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals and pearls will look great on you and will become a real favorite set of jewelery. It remains only to place an order in our store, because this is how you can get a lot of advantages:

· The beauty in your hands. A piece of jewelry will provide invaluable assistance in creating a harmonious image. Together with this kit, the perfect composition is guaranteed, both for a luxurious event and for everyday outings;

· Practicality. Some elegant products may not go out of fashion, but lose their appearance due to “old age”. This will not happen here - a special coating of rhodium will make sure that the magic shine is preserved, and that there are no scratches on the metal;

·         positive effect. It is scientifically proven that silver and pearls have a positive effect on the mental and physical condition of the owner. Together with this kit you will harmonize your inner world and improve your health;

· Get ready to become a happy owner. Our store offers the best prices compared to competitors, and an on-line delivery service ensures that the goods are on your doorstep just a few days after placing your order.

Make a choice that will delight everyone.

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