Set of silver jewelry with yellow and white zircon

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The set includes: Silver Earrings with Yellow and White Zircons, silver pendant with yellow and white zircons, silver ring with yellow and white zircons

Material: silver 925/1000

Earrings size: 15 mm × 10 mm × 0 mm

Ring size:  15 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm

Pendant size: 15 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm

Destination: for women

stone color (crystal): yellow/white
type of stone (crystal): zircon

56 eur.
49 eur.
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  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
  • Slovakia, Czech - 3-4 EUR,
    Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
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Special luxury and magic in one set

The dream of life came true - you managed to open a luxurious beauty salon, where you help girls reach their potential. It is especially pleasant that you work in a circle of like-minded people who share your life values. And it is very important to give them the right example, each time creating a perfect look and cause delight in the eyes of friends and customers.

It is all about elegant details that create true harmony. This is a set of silver jewelry with yellow and white zircon. The set is ideally combined with each other and harmonizes with almost any outfit. The elegant work ring of Czech masters amazes with the quality of work and original design.  Perfect earrings attract with the enchanting brilliance of the precious metal and the inviting shine of yellow zircon. A charming pendant makes the image complete and harmonious. However, this is not all the secrets of the kit.

An alloy of metal and stone with powerful energy

Precious metal - 925 silver is known for strong magical and energetic properties. It is able to resist evil spirits and divert the evil eye or damage, and endow his owner with a sharp mind, insight and foresight. In addition, silver ions perfectly cleanse the body, removing toxins and improving well-being, as well as stimulating the liver, kidneys and stomach.

Zircon, chosen as an ornament, also has excellent properties. It radiates strong Yang energy, giving the owner confidence and intuition. The soft light of the younger brother of the diamond (the name zircon received for a pure play of light, like a diamond) calms the nerves, contributes to the achievement of emotional balance and the attainment of inner harmony. Many yogis actively use stone during meditation.

Moreover, the powerful energy of zircon can protect against fraudsters, bad dreams or insomnia, and also provides a reliable energy barrier. Scientifically proven beneficial effect on the human body - the stone has a positive effect on the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland, normalizes appetite, helps to get rid of excess weight and solve skin problems. The patron saint of zircon is the planet Jupiter, and it perfectly interacts with the elements of water, earth or fire. Best suited to individuals with great potential: Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.


Come with us one way

Obviously, it is best to purchase a set of silver jewelry with yellow and white zircon in the store that offers the best conditions. Definitely, this will be our store, because here:

·         The best prices. A charming set of high quality costs quite a bit. In addition, the store staff will deliver it to the threshold within a few days after placing the order;

· Ability to look beautiful. Elegant design and superb quality help create a harmonious look. Even at the most luxurious party you will be the center of attention. In addition, three decorations can be combined and used in pairs;

· Protection for mind and body. The powerful properties of the metal and energy of the stone provide reliable energy protection, as well as contribute to the strengthening of physical and emotional health;

· Rational choice. Even after years, the set will look great, because of its surface. There is a special sputtering of rhodium, which protects from scratches, darkening or mechanical damage.

Be an example of style even at the most luxurious events.

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