Set of silver jewelry with red Swarovski crystals Sunset

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The set includes: Silver Pendant with Swarovski Red Crystal, Silver Earrings with Swarovski Red Crystal, silver bracelet with red Swarovski crystals

Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): red
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

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79 eur.
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An exclusive gift worth her beauty.

Admittedly, it was not easy. You spent a lot of time in other stores looking for a suitable gift. But all of them were unworth her beauty or simply did not coincide with her inner world. After all, the real queens can envy the beauty and passion in this woman, and it is very important to find something worth her magnificence. However, the search was difficult, but you saw a delightful set of silver jewelry with red Swarovski crystals. 

The first thing you liked - the highest quality workmanship. Thin rims of precious metal of the 925-th sample look just great. Charming brilliance, excellent finishes and a pleasant design - Czech jewelers did a great job. And, of course, elegant crystals, enchanting excellent cut and rich red hue. Without a doubt, they are ideally suited for her look and character.

The charm of an individual approach

Swarovski crystals are chosen as an ornament and this is a really great option, because they perfectly highlight the beauty and uniqueness of each woman. The recipe for creating minerals includes up to 70 ingredients. Professional craftsmen carry out a careful cut, taking into account not only the shade, but even the glue base. All this allows you to achieve the perfect result - the magic game of light can be admired endlessly. These crystals can not be confused with anything else, and their contemplation soothes the nerves, adjusts to a pleasant way and helps to raise your mood. Moreover, this delightful play of light will continue for many years - Swarovski's special features make it possible to achieve great quality. Not without reason, many world-famous celebrities showed their sympathy for these products. Earrings with red crystals are perfectly combined with a bracelet and pendant, which allows you to create the perfect look even for the most sophisticated event.

Silver of the 925-th test perfectly interacts with crystals, forming an excellent tandem, attracting with magical brilliance. In addition, the precious metal has unique properties, providing reliable protection from the evil eye and evil spirits. Silver can give the owner a strong intuition and foresight - many fortune-tellers wear such jewelry.

Proved also a beneficial effect of the lunar metal on the body. Its ions help to eliminate toxins and help stimulate the functioning of internal organs and the cardiovascular system. Silver goes well with all the signs of the zodiac, giving each of them unique properties.

Still deciding? The best store is here.

Despite the serious competition in the world of jewelry stores, we remain leaders. After all, only with us you will get all the benefits when buying a set of silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals:

· Fast shipping. Only a few days will pass from the moment of placing the order, and the goods will already be on the threshold. And the cost of the kit will greatly please and will not hit the budget;
· Charming image. Finally, a real favorite will appear in the collection, capable of emphasizing the depth of character and perfectly harmonizing with the inner world. Together with this set, creating the perfect image is surprisingly simple;
· High quality workmanship. Even with daily wearing jewelry will keep a great appearance for many years. All jewelry is covered with rhodium, protecting against scratches and browning.

Choose a jewelry set worthy  your beauty.


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