Set of silver jewelry with purple and white zircons

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The set includes: Silver Pendant with Purple Zircon, silver ring with purple zircon, studs with purple zircon

Material: silver 925/1000

Earrings size: 0 mm × 8 mm × 8 mm

Ring size:  10 mm × 2 mm × 10 mm

Pendant size: 0 mm × 10 mm × 19 mm

Destination: for women

stone color (crystal): violet/white
type of stone (crystal): zircon

70 eur.
59 eur.
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  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
  • Slovakia, Czech - 3-4 EUR,
    Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Full Description 

The perfect set for charming nature

The uniqueness of the personality and the individuality of the inner world deserve all praise. Surprisingly, you understood this only by breaking the milestone of 25 years. In your youth, you thought that being different was a disadvantage. When the girls began to wear gold jewelry with expensive stones, you did not like it, but you pretended to be delighted with them. But after all ornaments are a part of our nature, and it is very important that they are in harmony with our feelings.

Perhaps you would have been in search of suitable jewelry, but you have already found your favorite. This is a set of silver jewelry with purple zircon that perfectly suits you. Czech masters have tried their best, creating these decorations that amaze with the finest decoration and quality. Precious metal attracts with a captivating brilliance, and purple zircon is full of mystery and adds very important components, helping to create the perfect image.

Magic Light - Magic Properties

This is true, because zircon is known to Indian esotericists and highly valued for its strong energy. It is believed that the morning dawn stone has a positive effect on the Yang energy, and its contemplation helps to achieve inner balance, emotional balance and harmony. Fortunately, the charming play of light resembles a diamond, and you can admire the purple tinge of zircon indefinitely. Moreover, a woman with such a decoration gets the aura of femininity and sexuality, becoming incredibly attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. 

To all, zircon gives the owner an insightful intuition and a strong mind, and a special form of crystals allows you to provide reliable protection from the evil eye, insomnia, bad wishes or unrequited love. Even the body will be grateful to you for this choice - the stone has a positive effect on the work of the liver, pituitary and thyroid gland. He can normalize her appetite, help get rid of excess weight, smooth out wrinkles and solve many skin problems, giving her a second youth. The mineral perfectly combines with the elements of Water, Fire or Earth and is perfect for Aries, Capricorns, Taurus or Aquarius. Silver of the 925th test - the moon metal is an excellent talisman against evil forces, and is also capable of endowing the host with the gift of foresight. Even silver ions perfectly cleanse the body of toxins, positively affecting the skin and the general emotional state. And metal is distinguished by its versatility, perfectly interacting with any signs of the zodiac.

The store of your dreams

How to find the best jewelry supplier? It's simple - you need to contact us. After all, we can offer the best conditions for the purchase of a set of silver jewelry with purple zircon:

· Beauty that does not require sacrifice. Exactly this way - the set will help to create an ideal look, decorating any outfit and emphasizing the depth of the inner world. Now you are guaranteed to be in the center of universal attention and reverence;

· Only positive energy. And do not be afraid of bad wishes, basking in the attention. Zircon will reliably protect the aura, directing all the energy to the most vulnerable spot. And its positive effect on the body will help improve well-being and achieve inner harmony; 

· Protective covering. The products have a thin coating of rhodium, which protects the metal from scratches, browning or mechanical damage. Be sure that even through the years the decorations will look great;

· Fast and inexpensive. The cost of the kit is significantly lower than in other stores, so this is a good bargain. And delivery takes only a few days, so that the jewelry will appear on the hands very soon.

Get a set in harmony with your inner world.


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