Set of silver jewelry with green Swarovski crystals in a shape of a leaf
Code: 20000005

Set of silver jewelry with green Swarovski crystals in a shape of a leaf

Code: 20000005

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The set includes: Silver green pendant in the shape of a leaf with Swarovski crystal, Silver Swarovski Leaf Shaped Earrings
Earrings size: 0 mm × 16 mm × 45 mm
Pendant size: 0 mm × 16 mm × 40 mm

Destination: for women

stone color (crystal): green
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

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37 EUR
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Full Description 

Tenderness and sensuality embodied in metal and crystals

A lot of people say that the first love and first relationships are not for long. But you know that it is not so and student years can give happiness for life. This girl - she is beautiful and fascinated you from the moment of the meeting. Everything is going just great and soon will be the first serious date - a year since the beginning of the relationship. Now the main desire is to find a suitable gift in harmony with its image and emphasizing the depth of feelings.

I really want to find something non-trivial, of good quality and capable of hinting at something more. Now you know what can delight her. This is a set of silver ornaments with Swarovski green crystals in the form of a leaf. Elegant pendant looks gently and carefully, hinting at its purity and spring day (the moment of the first meeting). And stylish earrings, made in the same style, perfectly help in creating the perfect image. Everywhere: in casual clothes, light dress or evening dress products will be charming detail, creating harmony.

The work of real masters

Swarovski crystals, which began producing at the end of the 19th century, are appreciated by the most famous people. Stars of the show business, royals, media personalities - they are all just in awe of the magnificent play of light and the quality of the manufacture of minerals. The exact manufacturing recipe is still unknown (it is kept in the strictest confidence), but it is clear that more than 70 components are included in the recipe, and each stage is carefully controlled. 

This allows you to achieve the perfect result and create a real masterpiece, stunning game of light. High quality products ensures that over the years the crystals do not lose their beauty and radiance. It is extremely pleasant not only to wear it, but even to look at elegant green crystals in the shape of leaves - their contemplation calms the nerves, gives a pleasant sensation of warmth and helps to elevate the mood. Delightful earrings and pendant are perfect for sensual and gentle natures.

Mineral creates a magnificent tandem with 925 silver. Precious metal charms with its noble brilliance. The magical properties of silver can protect the owner from the evil eye, damage and the machinations of evil forces. The owner of such jewelry with time receives a strong intuition and the gift of foresight. However, it is also useful for health: the lunar metal helps cleanse the body of toxins, helps the work of internal organs, normalizes blood pressure and the heart.

The store created for your pleasure

You should not ponder where to get a set of silver jewelry with Swarovski green crystals in the form of a leaf, because we offer the best conditions:


• Perfect sense of taste. Refined decoration is perfect for any outfit and event, allowing you to create a harmonious image, emphasize all the details of your nature and feel the excitement of others;

• No waiting. It will take only a couple of days to wait - it’s just what an operational delivery service will need to process an order and bring the jewelry to your address. And the price of the kit will make you smile happily;

 • Pleasure for many years. Be sure that even after many years this kit will look amazing. Its magical shine will keep rhodium plating protecting against scratches, darkening or mechanical damage. 

Choose an ornament that is in complete harmony with the inner world.


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