Set of silver jewelry with clear Ice cube Swarovski crystal
Code: 20000029

Set of silver jewelry with clear Ice cube Swarovski crystal

Code: 20000029
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Jewelry: A set of jewelry with Swarovski crystals ring and earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): white
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski


  • shipping 1-3 business days
  • World-wide delivery 4-9 EUR.
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    Europe 4-6 EUR.
    USA, GR,SW 9 EUR
Full Description 

Perfect edges for a perfect look

People talk it's hard to be a perfectionist. And sometimes this is true - you have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect solution. For example, a friend invited you to a chic winter-style party this weekend. You have reviewed the entire wardrobe in search of a great dress, and found it.

But the problem is that you do not have the right accessories that are necessary to create the perfect look. Previously, you have already encountered this problem, but since you found the Zlatka store, it takes significantly less time to find solutions. And again it came to the rescue - there is a wonderful set of silver jewelry with transparent Swarovski crystals in the shape of a cube.

Admirable Beauty

The real professionals in their field worked on the creation of this kit. You can admire this work of art for an infinitely long time, beckoning with the brilliance of a noble metal and the perfect facets of Swarovski crystals. This elegant and attractive jewelry will help to make the look perfect with no doubt.

And not only, because silver not only looks great, but also has strong magical properties. It is known that metal gives the owner a strong intuition and the gift of foresight, and most importantly - protects him. No evil spirits, evil eye or spoilage have power over the owner of such jewelry.

Another important component is the unique Swarovski crystals. These are unique jewelry that delights with perfect facets and an excellent play of light. Until now, the recipe is kept in the strictest confidence and is unknown to competitors, which makes crystals a real jewel. It is only known that the composition includes more than 70 ingredients added in strictly specified proportions. Each set is created unique, based on all the features of the product, including the consistency of the adhesive base. Thanks to this, they are able to captivate with their beautiful view, moreover, it is believed that their contemplation helps to calm the nerves and balance the mind.

In addition, the jewelry has a special protective coating that protects the metal from scratches and darkening for a long time. This means that even after years your favorite kit will be as charming and produce the same stunning effect as at the time of purchase.

The store that works for you

Zlatka is a high-quality and responsible store that offers customers the best conditions for buying jewelry:

•             Affordable price. The cost of the kit will pleasantly please in comparison with the prices of competitors;

• Prompt delivery. The goods will be on your doorstep in a few days;

• Durability and charm. The quality of the product is worthy of the highest praise, and its perfect appearance will retain a special protective coating.

Find out what a perfectionist’s joy is.



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